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Managing your financial goals and priorities is certainly one aspect of reaching your full potential, but we knew that our clients would need a holistic approach to become better. The IPAGO Executive Development program was developed under our parent company, Modern Wealth Concepts.

How do we help you achieve all of this? Our IPAGO program helps leaders Identify, Prioritize and Achieve the Goals and Objectives they set for themselves through our Executive Bootcamp. Our holistic approach inspires clarity and continuous improvement across the board, from work-life balance to leadership, personal finance, health and wellness, time management, and goal setting.

This 3-day intensive serves as "kick start" to the 90-day coaching experience MWC Executive Services Group offers, or a great culmination experience following a 90-day coaching experience with MWC. Participants take time away from their busy lives to gain clarity on who they are personally and professionally.

During bootcamp, you’ll gain insight on a variety of aspects, including:

  • What kind of leader you are
  • How to balance work-life and home-life
  • Tools on building wealth and preparing for retirement
  • How to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • And so much more!
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Our Leadership Team

At Modern Wealth Concepts Executive Services Group, we’re all about helping leaders stay on the cutting edge of what’s new and next through a holistic approach. Are you ready to lead, build wealth, and enjoy life?

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