What is MWC Executive Services Group?

MWC Executive Services Group functions as the executive services division of Modern Wealth Concepts LLC, a firm whose core business includes wealth planning, retirement planning and financial literacy. Modern Wealth Concepts recently expanded its offerings to include executive services.

What services are offered by MWC Executive Services Group?

MWC Executive Services Group provides coaching services for leaders who aspire to be more effective in their professional and personal lives.

Can you describe MWC's core coaching platform?

MWC Executive Services Group takes a holistic approach when coaching leaders. We help you strengthen your skills in 5 key pillars, which include: leadership effectiveness, career satisfaction, mind and body, work-life balance, and long term financial preparedness.

How can a leader become a client of MWC Executive Services Group?

MWC takes on clients individually as well as through corporate contracts. Contact us today to learn more!

Who are MWC clients?

Our clients are very diverse in background, expertise, and professional level. High achieving director-level leaders looking to advance their career through perfecting leadership skills and achieving better life balance excel in our weekly or bi-weekly 1-1 coaching program. We also offer an executive level program called IPAGO Executive Development, a more rigorous, time bound, version of the director level 1-1 program. Contact us now to learn more about each program.

What does IPAGO stand for and how does relate to the IPAGO Executive Development Program?

IPAGO is the MWC leader coaching philosophy. It stands for Identify, Prioritize, Achieve, Goals & Objectives. MWC executive coaches leverage this approach when helping clients set goals and refine their performance effectiveness plans.

The IPAGO Executive Development program is a 90-day program, consisting of (5) 2.5-hour coaching sessions, each one devoted to a pillar of exploration (leadership, career, mind & body, life balance & financial preparedness). Throughout this 5-session program, we slowly stand up the performance effectiveness plan that will propel you to the next level personally and professionally. Myers Briggs Type Theory, Life Coaching, 360 feedbacks among other tools are leveraged to improve self-awareness.

How can one learn more about MWC Executive Services Group?

We offer free 30-minute consultations by appointment. Check our online scheduler for more information.

We also host a weekly discussion titled The IPAGO Series, via livestream.com/mwcexec, monthly in-person seminars, and blog weekly.

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