Career Vision, Goals & Objectives

What is your vision for your career? Do you ever feel disconnected to your job? Can’t find the value in it? Can’t understand the purpose of your work? We devote 40+ hours per week to our jobs. Do you ever ask yourself, Who do I want to “be” within the context of my professional life? What are my professional goals? Can you describe it in a way that connects you mentally and emotionally? Ask yourself: Where should I be spending my energy? How is my current job moving me closer to the vision I have for my life? We must be intentional about our career choices and there is no better way to stay focused than through goal setting. Goals, give way to Objectives which give way to Priorities. Objectives and Priorities help us to know what to say yes and no to. Vision and long term goals help us make sense of our current state, and help us identify the purpose and meaning in the work we do. Vision and long term goals also help us identify the lack of purpose and meaning, thereby empowering us to reevaluate our current path and make changes. If you haven’t take the time to assess how you are tracking towards your goals, your objectives and your overarching vision, make a point to do so this week.

Use these thought-provokers as a guide:
• Where do I see myself 1-3-5 years from now?
• What is my long term vision for my career?
• How does my current job advance my progress?
• What can I start doing today to advance my progress?
• What can I stop doing today to advance my progress?

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