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MWC Executive Services Group takes in clients for a period of 90 days, during which time they are assessed along a continuum in five primary areas; leadership effectiveness, career satisfaction, mind and body, life balance, and long term financial preparedness.

During this time, you’ll attend five rigorous coaching sessions, coupled with self-exploration activities, to fuel the creation of your IPAGO Performance Effectiveness Plan (PEP).

Here’s what you can expect from us:

Pre-Assessments are Completed.

Approximately 3 weeks before coaching begins, a 360-degree feedback survey is sent to compiled list of at least 20 of your superiors, subordinates, peers, family members, friends and non-work associates. You’ll meet with your coach to review these results prior to your first session.

Session 1 - IPAGO Introduction & Consultation.

You and your coach begin the process with a 60-minute introduction session. You’ll review the 90-day program and discuss the various assessments to be completed. Then, your coach will complete an initial data intake, where you’ll be asked a series of open-ended questions about life, work, family, health, and finances. Early stage goal setting will be explored, and if you’re open to the process, the next assignment is handed out.

Session 2 – Review of Psychometric Assessments & Goal Setting for Leadership.

Prior to your second session, you’ll do some reading and take the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator forms I and II, Korn Ferry Potential Assessment, NYSUT Stress Assessment and Neal Whitten Group Work Life Balance Assessment.

Then we’ll review your results and capture key themes via our IPAGO Mapping Tool, all of which will be discussed in your second session. During this session, you’ll review each of the five assessments along with the IPAGO mapping tool and survey results, or your internal and external perceptions. This will showcase your areas of strength, opportunity, and any points of stress.

Then you’ll draft a SWOT analysis, providing you with a more accurate assessment of your self-awareness and insights and a clear list of action items to make changes to the behaviors that need worked on.

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Session 3 - Career Mapping & Behavioral Coaching.

You’ll review your SWOT analysis along with any key behaviors you may have identified. Utilizing the IPAGO client dashboard, you’ll continue to identify behaviors that derail or impede progress towards those areas of importance and/or behaviors that drive progress. This session combines your behavioral coaching discussions, review of the IPAGO dashboard representing what’s important to you, and a review of that various IPAGO tools that can be leveraged to continue building upon your strengths and leadership skills. Previously taken assessments and the feedback from your 360-degree surveys will be leveraged to support continued self-awareness and insight.

Session 4 – Get In Touch With Mind & Body.

During this session, you'll look at the 8 C's of Self, which include Confidence, Connectedness, Courageousness, Curiousness, Compassionateness, Clarity, Calmness, and Creativeness. These discoveries will help with the work to be put into your 5th session.

Session 5 & 6 – Fitness & Nutrition.

Based on what you discovered in session 4, wellness coaches and certified physical trainers are up next, ready to coach you on insights that are going to boost your overall physical and mental fitness.

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Session 7 – Creating a Work-Life Balance.

We use an Internal Family Systems (IFS) Model to assess everyone’s psychotherapy with the idea that their mind is made up of discrete subpersonalities, each with its own viewpoint and personal qualities. We'll examine the three subpersonalities (managers, exiles, and firefighters) and the roles they'll play throughout your transformation.

During your last session, you’ll discuss your final plan, ensuring that specific and measurable goals and objectives have been set and reinforcement mechanisms identified. Periodic check ins are scheduled as well.

Session 8 - Financial Planning.

Prior to this session, you’ll complete a budget worksheet and financial planning review. You’ll spend 2.5 hours with Keith Donnell, CFP & President of Modern Wealth Concepts, to create a focused financial plan that includes retirement planning, estate planning, and more. After your financial planning session, you’ll create a Performance Effectiveness Plan (PEP). Using all the tools leveraged thus far, you’ll create a comprehensive PEP that centers on what’s important to the client professionally & personally, highlighting strengths that drive progress, opportunity areas that impede progress, and critical behaviors/activities that are needed to maintain mind and body balance.

Throughout the entire process, you’ll work directly with a coach to set and track goals, making mid-course corrections as needed, and of course, celebrate your results. Follow-ups are built in to ensure that new behaviors and attitudes stick. All we ask is that you commit to the process!

The IPAGO curriculum is designed for leaders who want to get to that next level of performance, advance their careers, and enjoy their lives more fully.

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